Edgewonk Trading Journal
Perfecting your trades
Edgewonk shows you when to enter trades, how to set your stops to avoid stop hunting, where to put your targets to increase the size of your winners and which trades are not making money for you.

Stop making mistakes
Edgewonk comes with a set of emotion features that will help you improve your discipline and will keep you out of trades you should not be in.

Most traders would be much closer to profitable trading if they could avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Edgewonk's psychology functions have been developed to do just that for you.

From trade plan to trade review
Enter your planned trades in Edgewonk when you find interesting trading ideas. When the trade is triggered, move it over to the journal to complete the trade.

When you miss trades, enter them in the Edgewonk missed trades area and find ways how to miss fewer trades.

The trading session feature is your review platform where you can review your trading days, your week or month. Keep track of important lessons and work on your trading.

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