Our trading competition is starting on July 10th
Entering our trading competition is completely free and you can win amazing prices by finishing in the top 10
What are the prizes?
Here's a list of prizes for our top finishers
Tradimo's premium access
The top 5 will receive a 1 year access to Tradimo's premium channel where they will get analysis and trade ideas from our experts
( $528 each)
Cash Prize
Our top 3 finishers will receive a cash prize each:
1. $250
2. $100
3. $50
News Terminal
Our top 2 finishers will receive a 1 year news terminal free from Red Box Global
( £600 each)
Trading Journal
Our top 3 finishers will receive an Edgewonk Trading Journal 2.0 license ($169 each)
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Ahmed Shaheen is our FIRST trading champion!
Ahmed just won our first competition and received over $1,600 worth of prizes. Watch his full interview here!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Competition Rules
The competition rules are simple:
1- Start trading your account the day the competition starts. Accounts with trades open previous to the start date will be disqualified.
2- Accounts with more than a 20% drawdown during the competition will be disqualified
3- Accounts with a Sharpe Ratio below 0.5 will be disqualified
4- Minimum of 10 trades shall be executed during the competition period
Can I use Tradimo's Premium Signals?
The short answer is YES! Tradimo premium members are not banned from this competition so why wouldn't you increase your edge by joining our premium channel?
What is Tradimo's Premium Signal Service
Tradimo's Premium Service is an all in one solution for traders. In our premium chat you will get charting, live analysis and trade ideas from our experts.

Not only that, but we have designed several trading courses for further developing your trading carreer.

Join hundreds of traders now!
How can I join Tradimo's Premium Signals?
Because we believe so much in our product we are giving you a 1-month trial. To opt/in for your trial just click HERE
How can I participate in the blogging contest?
The Tradimo's blogging contest is reserved only for participants of this competition.

The rules are simple:
1- Join the trading competition
2- Create a blog and blog about every trade you take (email us the blog's URL)
3- At the end of each blog you need to use this address: go.tradimo.com/competition
4- You must share each entry on social media with the hastag #TradimoTradingCompetition
5- You must tag @tradimo_official on Instagram and @tradimo on twitter and facebook
What is the prize of the blogging contest?
The blogging contest and its prizes will be announced May 31st to the registered users only.
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