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Alberto Cushnir is our SECOND TRADING CHAMPION
Read Alberto's FULL interview and his amazing story on becoming a future full time trader.
How long have you been trading FX and do you trade other markets?
Before anything else, I wish to thank Tradimo for this prize.

My name is Alberto Cushnir and this is my story about trading:

In the early 2000s, due to an accidental meeting with a local trader, I've discovered this amazing world of trading. My first steps were to search and discover how the markets work. I'm from Argentina and at that time this activity was almost an obscure discipline reserved just for a few privileged people.

Well, after days and days of infructuous searching, finally I hit a couple of friendly sites to get started learning something basic. Many, many months after, I've started practicing trades in a simulated account trading the Stock Market. As time passed, I improved a lot and more and more trades hit my targets. The Stock Market was a good starting point, until time later I discovered FOREX. Wooow, Compared with the Stock Market, FOREX moves were faster. As many of you did, the variety was so wide so I wouldn't know what to trade first. I continued testing and probing for a long time. All worked better, but a new milestone for me: I've discovered the Indexes! Wow again!

The DAX seduced me. For a long time I was fighting to conquer it. I ended testing my trading skills with Gold, Indexes and some FOREX. Nothing else on Stock Market.

Are you a full-time trader?
Unfortunately, due to issues closely related to the economy of my country, I have not been able to have real money to start trading, I have devoted a lot of my free time to study, analyze and observe the markets.

Without having a professional basis for this activity, my point of observation has been mainly empirical. Over several years I have developed my own indicators, continuously improving them and I am trying to export to my way of trading in my own MT4 Expert Advisor. I hope I'll try to take advantage of the chance that gave me winning this contest, to start trading on real ... I will be very carefully :-)
Where did you learn how to trade?
As I said before, my learning about trading was almost entirely by myself. Sometimes asking at forums, chat rooms and even taking tests in web pages like Tradimo. But mostly taking part in as many contests as I could. And, of course, taking advantage and learning of all my experiences, good and bad.
What's your trading strategy and how did you develop your system?
My trading strategy is in continuous evolution and I'm improving it all the time. I used to mix a bunch of indicators, lines and all other things in my charts, but I depurated my strategy,and now, my chart is always clean. Now, I use some regression channels and some Fibonacci too to make an initial analysis, and then I use my own indicators my own indicators :-)
Are you developing your own EA?
Nowadays, I'm devoting some of my free time to develop my own Expert Advisor. It still is in beta stage, but I hope in the next weeks I'll test it to trade on a rea way to my EA. My target is to leave it working in a low risk basis, with a reduced amount of markets. Time will tell us the results.
Now that you are on our Premium Community, what do you think about it?
Well, I'm honored to belong to this prestigious group, and I'll try to collaborate as much as I can, but always conscious about my limitations. Mainly, I'll try to learn from the experts there. Even if I won this contest, I'm an amateur yet (very experienced one, but amateur yet).
Any words of encouragement for aspiring traders?
My advice to new coming traders is:







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