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Tradimo offers a unique product with our complete learning experience called Nanodiploma™. This will give you a structured learning path towards your goal.
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1000s of people have taken their trading to the next level with Tradimo's market-leading trading & investment courses during the last 8 years.

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You always know where you are in your learning process thanks to our progress tracker. Reach 100% progress in the entire Nanodiploma™ to receive your certificate.

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What our students say
We have helped over 4 million students on their way to achieve their financial goals.
31 years old, from Germany
"When I started trading, I began to learn to trade at the same time at Tradimo. I read a lot about money and risk management, watched numerous videos about economic fundamentals and studied the articles on technical analysis. That's probably what saved me from losing a lot of money, next to my natural instinct to be careful. I knew from the start, that the financial markets are no place for gamblers, but I didn't understand technical analysis well enough. Tradimo has opened up the way for me to find my own, independent way of trading.

I really value the friendly and helpful community at Tradimo. Both online and offline when we're having a community meeting, everyone is open, intelligent and interested in great conversations. Therefore, I can honestly recommend beginners to inform themselves about trading and investing at Tradimo."

Trader based in Beijing, China
Before learning with tradimo, my annual profit was only around 5%-15%. Since joining tradimo in 2015, my trading results have been significantly improved and I have achieved 52.79% annual profit in 2017.
Tradimo helps people to actively take control of their financial future by teaching them how to trade, invest and manage their personal finance.

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