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What is a broker?
If you want to trade in the forex markets, you need a broker. But what exactly is a broker? To understand this, consider the following:

Let's say you want to buy an apple, so you go to a street market. The apple is what you want to buy – the street market is the place where you can do this, because that is where people are selling apples.
Similarly, imagine you are now selling apples and need to find customers; you can go to the street market because that is where your customers are – that is where there are people buying apples.

The street market is a place where buyers and sellers meet. However, when you go to a street market, you do not generally see many people selling apples to each other; they will be sold through a stall.

In the forex markets, this is no different. You have buyers and sellers of different currencies – they need a place to come together and there needs to be a facility to actually buy and sell those currencies.

In the forex markets, however, the buyers and sellers can be thousands of miles apart. In order to find each other, there must be a mechanism that matches their interests: this is where the broker comes in.
What is Tradimo Premium?
Tradimo Premium is service where you get the best online learning experience for forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, options, futures and more. It's not only an education, it's also a support from your personal trading mentor who is an experienced trader or investor and knows how to help you to achieve your goals.

The efficiency of this service has been proven by hundreds of our Premium customers. Many of them never had any experience in trading before they joined Tradimo but now they are successfuly trading the markets and actively participate in discussions in our dedicated Premium and Signal community.

The signal community is another benefit of Tradimo Premium. Here you can follow our own real trades or just learn from them. Of course, our expert traders are always here to answer all your questions and explain why each particular trade has been taken, managed or closed. We stand for a full transperancy and at the end of every month we are sharing a statement of our real money account where we execute the trades.

Being a Tradimo Premium member means being a part of an exclusive community of smart and ambitious people who have a passion for trading. Here you always find a support for your trading ideas or can learn from trading ideas of the others.
Why you need Tradimo Premium?
Tradimo Premium is your bridge between theory and practice in the exciting world of trading. With our service you can start your tradig career regardless from your previous experience and knowledge. We've designed several educational programmes that take you from the point where you are now to the point where you know WHAT to trade, WHERE to trade, HOW to trade and WHY you trade.

On top of that, your personal mentor (included to the Premium membership) is always available for your questions and can help you to establish a right thought process when it comes to picking up and managing trades. In other words, Tradimo Premium is an all-in-one solution, the part that has been missing between the home education and the practice.
How to get Tradimo Premium for FREE?
Tradimo Premium is a paid service but from the 1st of April 2019, thanks to XM, who continiously supports innovations in education, we can offer 300 free yearly memberships.

To get your free Tradimo Premium membership, click this link, open a new broker account and deposit the amount of money you are ready to start your trading career with. Once your account is verified by the broker and we get a confirmation, your Tradimo account will be upgraded to Premium and you'll be contacted by one of our trading experts who will introduce you to our Premium services.

Alternatively, you can submit the form on top of this page and we'll get in touch with you to expalin you everything you want to know in details.
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